Special Products

In addition to the business units facades, noise barriers bending and milling Van Campen Bayards has extensive experience with special and often aluminum related products and projects that address different market segments or target groups. Under special products we mean end products with which we with our accumulated experience, (material) knowledge and design capabilities may be of excellent service to you. The possibilities of this are too broad to mention but we refer you to a number of reference projects.

  • Aluminum engineering by a specialist

    Engineering aluminum by means of extrusion profiles gives much freedom in the design of the product. Van Campen Bayards B.V. also designs and develops the most advanced aluminum structures. We do this by using appropriate software and computer programs, which gives a good insight into the structure.

    Having profiles designed by an aluminum engineer is a unique opportunity to develop a product that meets the requirements with regard to both the technical and aesthetical aspects, as well as terms of price. In the design of an aluminum profile, one can determine in advance where and how it is used. Expensive finishing can thus be largely or entirely omitted. Using professional knowledge and benefits that can be achieved with aluminum extrusion profiles, the most beautiful and complex products can be developed.

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     Aluminum engineering

     Applying engineering to a design consisting of aluminum profiles of this durable, lightweight material provides important advantages, including:

    • a low overall weight
    • a favorable ratio between strength and weight
    • virtually unlimited design freedom in profiles
    • combining functions in the profile
    • less mechanical processing
    • energy-saving constructions

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    Van Campen Bayards is familiar with all standards and requirements imposed to aluminum products and engineering projects, and can, as a partner, therefore deliver considerable added value to your project. Contact us today . Our aluminium engineers will be happy to meet with you. They strive for perfection and are only satisfied with the best. Just like you.

  • Shelters adorn Dutch streets. Throughout the - Public Transport interconnected - towns, villages and rural areas of our country you can find these shelters. Usually the shelter design is not particularly striking. A simple steel structure that provides shelter to the waiting from local commuters to foreign tourists. All the more reason an aluminium bus shelter design sticks out and forms an element of surprise in the immediate area. Moreover, our solid shelters are more vandal-proof than its standard steel counterpart.

    Van Campen Bayards B.V. has unlimited design possibilities, allowing a wide range of possible products. Realizing an abri design makes it a part of it, but other applications, such as street furniture and kiosks, belong among them.

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    Eye-catching shelter design for bus stops or stations

    Meanwhile, Van Campen Bayards has manufactured and installed many bus shelters as well as developed, produced and delivered kiosks and modular units. When say shelter design, we mean aluminum constructions which primarily offer waiting commuters shelter from rain, hail and snow. The separate word we use in Holland is “Abri”. This word comes from the French language and therefore does not surprisingly mean 'shelter'.

    Often those who decide on the placement of a shelter overlook the beauty aspect of it. As is often the case, it is thought of pragmatically and a standard bus shelter is opted for, while the opportunity to make a real eye-catcher, is not used. Van Campen Bayards is a specialist in the latter; the developing of a stunning shelter design.

    Endless possibilities with aluminum shelter

    Whether a bus stop or station; our engineers are able to think along in the design phases and never think in impossibilities. The bus and tram passengers will, as passers-by, be amazed by the unique bus shelter design, when it is preferred above a standard shelter. Because Van Campen Bayards is the expert in aluminum, we know better than anyone what the construction possibilities are of it. Considering the flexibility, durability, and the light-weight nature of the material, offering a bus shelter of aluminum, therefore, has unprecedented options. Family owned Van Campen Bayards, has the machine park and the expertise to materialize your ideas.

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    Environment and vandalism

    With regard to street furniture Van Campen Bayards is unique in its design and the use of materials which are durable and contribute to the environment. Materials are also completely vandal-proof, in other words, they are resistant to destruction. In shelter design glass is often incorporated. This is the element that, although easy to replace, is very vulnerable.

    Van Campen Bayards has experience with this issue and can think along in the design phase. For example, if bus shelters, although still beautiful in design, are made less noticeable, it makes them less likely to be targeted by vandalism.

    In addition, with aluminum structures, alternatives can be created, in which less or even no glass needs to be used.

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    Van Campen Bayrards B.V. has unlimited possibilities to realize your (new) products in an innovative way and ensures that all products meet the legal regulations and technical requirements. Contact us today. Our professionals are happy to think along with your aluminum issue. Together, we will without a doubt come up with the best shelter design!