Noise barriers

As the market leader in the design and manufacture of noise barrier elements, we deliver a range of standard and design noise barriers. Including the Rijkswaterstaat modular noise barrier in both a sound reflective and sound absorbent edition.

Our noise barrier elements are produced according to CE 14388, GCW 2012. Van Campen Bayards is also EN 1090 certified.

  • Noise-protection dam and noise barrier

    A noise-protection dam and a noise barrier are not synonymous. A noise-protection dam is to create an embankment of earth and has little to do with the aluminum structures manufactured by Van Campen Bayards. What we provides are sound barriers, which also aims to limit noise pollution. The construction, which can be manufactured from aluminum, serves the interests of the people who are located behind the soundproof wall.

    Noise barriers design and manufacturing is a specialty of Van Campen Bayards. We are familiar with all European standards such as CE 14388, GCW2012 and obviously with the test methods 1793-1 and 1793-2.

    In this article we would like to stress that Van Campen Bayards makes purely acoustic screens, in which we can also process solar panels. Moreover, it is important to make a distinction between sound-absorbing screens and the variant that reflect sound.

    Noise-protection dam less effective than noise barrier
    Just as with a noise barrier, the noise reduction of a noise-protection dam will depend on the height. Because sound waves are easily bent around the wide and sloping top of a wall, it is less effective than a noise barrier.

    This negative effect is reinforced in the top of the noise-protection dam, because it is further away from the source than the top of a possibly equally high noise barrier. Moreover, a dam requires more space.
    In order to obviate the disadvantages of an noise-protection dam, sometimes a low screen is placed at the top. Van Campen Bayards has experience with this.

    Benefits of noise barriers

    Van Campen Bayards B.V. has specialized in noise barriers that greatly contribute to the environment due to its aesthetic design and attractive colors. A noise barrier, is, compared to a noise-protection dam, a more effective way to reduce noise pollution in the air. Noise barriers are mainly used in the Netherlands to reduce the noise from road or rail traffic. There are so-called sound reflective and absorptive noise barriers.

    4.1 Alu constr nr 1

    Detour of the sound by the presence of a noise screen

    4.1 Alu constr nr 2

    In the case of a higher nose screen, the detour of the curved sound is larger.

    4.1 Alu constr nr 3

    At a larger distance, the effect of a screen is reduced, because the sound waves that are traveling through the atmosphere exhibit a curvature, in which the screen effect is reduced. This is also the case with a noise-protection dam.

    Van Campen Bayards experienced in noise reduction without noise-protection dam

    Family owned Van Campen Bayards has over the years built up the necessary expertise in the field of noise reduction and aluminum alternatives to a noise-protection dam. The company has even won a prestigious award in 2010 with an innovative noise barrier. We will come back to this later. Below are a few projects of Van Campen Bayards B.V. demonstrating that transparent materials in combination with sound absorbing panels contribute to the environment and decrease noise pollution more than a noise-protection dam.

    4.1 Alu constr nr 5

    European Aluminium Award for "pipe organ"

    Van Campen Bayards is an ambitious company that has no problem with tackling challenging projects, like searching for an alternative for an acoustic barrier. In this way it has already won a prestigious European Aluminium Award with the project 'Sound of Silence'. It involved a noise barrier is reminiscent of a pipe organ and is the largest high-tech screen in Europe.

    As an aluminum artwork,'Sound of Silence' is an absolute eye-catcher. This extraordinary vertically mounted aluminum construction along the A2 is designed by bureau VHP and manufactured by Van Campen. The elegant design provides, in addition to beauty, a unique sound absorption of 20 percent, which was why in 2010 the jury of the European Aluminium Award awarded the project in the category of Consumer Products + Design. This absorbing effect is hardly possible with a noise-protection dam.

     Wondering what Van Campen Bayards can do for you?

    If you have a sound problem and are searching for a partner in order to exchange views at a high-level? For example, an aluminum alternative to a noise-protection dam. The experts and specialists at Van Campen Bayards will gladly meet with you to find a solution. We do not think in impossibilities and have proven our expertise in the field of aluminum soundproof structures. Send an e-mail or immediately call us!

  • Laws and regulations

    Sustainable noise barriers have to be produced according to the CE 14388 and in the Netherlands in accordance with the GCW-2012. If it concerns production, one is also required to meet the (certified) standard norms EN 1090. If a producer does not meet the latest standards, we talk of an economic crime. You therefore have in Van Campen Bayards not only a partner in design and construction, but also in legislation.

    Reflective and absorptive noise barriers

    Noise barriers are mainly used in the Netherlands to reduce the noise from road or rail traffic. A distinction hereby is to be made between a sound reflective and an sound absorptive screen. Van Campen Bayards is strong in both the design and the production of both types.
    When we are talking about absorbing aluminum screens, the sound is not only reflected, but completely removed. It is sometimes argued that it is difficult to achieve optimal absorbtion with aluminium. Van Campen Bayards has repeatedly contradicted these words by deeds. A prime example of such noise barriers manufactured by our family business is ‘Sound of Silence’.

     Sound of Silence

    It is an sound absorptive screen that not only combines the aesthetics of perforated aluminum tubes with sound insulation, but also with durability and fine particle reduction. It is not for nothing that the project was once described in a renowned aluminum magazine as "undoubtedly the most striking noise barrier that the Dutch road network has gained." This four kilometer long structure of anodized aluminum tubing has won Van Campen Bayards the European Aluminium Award 2010 in the category of Consumer Products.

    Then there are the reflective screens, which have the major disadvantage that the sound can not be completely stopped. With both types of screens Van Campen Bayards already has many successful projects to her credit, both at home and abroad.

    Custom-made prefabricated aluminum noise barriers

    The greatest benefits are created by the application of prefabricated custom-made barriers. Often these are glass walls and / or modular noise barriers made of aluminum. The prefabrication of these customized screens involve significant cost reductions. After all, it reduces road and traffic control and shortens the installation time on site, because the aluminum screens are supplied complete. In addition, one is assured of a high quality because of Campen Bayards B.V. prefabricates all sound barriers at its plant with extended editing capabilities.

    4.2 Alu constr nr 1

     Sustainable and profitable

    The most advanced solar panels can also be used in our aluminum screens , in this way there is a definite "return on investment". We also therefore comply with the need to generate alternative energy, because we are becoming less dependent on fossil fuels.

    Van Campen Bayards specializes in modular noise barriers. It uses the most sustainable materials and processes it using the most modern techniques. An example is the SONOB (Solar Noise Barriers) project, which is being developed in close cooperation with leading partners.

    4.2 Alu constr nr 3

    4.2 Alu constr nr 4

    A test rig was recently placed on the bypass in Den Bosch where continuous measurements were made by SEAC, in close collaboration with TU Eindhoven and partners.

    Unmatched aluminum screen

    Compared to steel and metal sound barriers or versions of concrete and wood, aluminum screens cannot be equalled. This is not only due to the high values achieved in noise reduction or absorption in accordance with the 1793-1 and 1793-2, but also by the positive contribution to the environment. An aesthetic modular noise barrier is appreciated by road users as well as local residents.

    Since our company uses materials that we put in the recycling chain, especially aluminum, the environment is also assured of a good contribution. We refer explicitly to the AluEco certificate under the registration number 2031, which proves that it can be reused.

    4.2 Alu constr nr 10

    Materialized noise barriers

    As a family company Van Campen Bayards has over the years, not only built up an impressive machine park that has made many types of adaptations possible, but has also gained a lot of knowledge. Including in the field of modular noise barriers. Our engineers gladly use this expertise to make your project a success. Projects which Van Campen already has to his name:

    • Prefabricated elements (for example: A2 Eindhoven)
    • Sound-absorbing panels (for example: reduced rail tunnel Almelo)
    • Polycarbonate screens (for example: Maasbrug Zaltbommel)
    • Modular sound-absorbing screen (form example: A2 Den Bosch)
    • Sound reflective and hurricane resistant noise barrier (e.g.: Cyprus)
    • Modular noise barrier, lower panels with integrated cable duct provision (e.g.:A12 Bleiswijk)
    • Screen with solar panels (for example: in Freising Germany)
    • Screen for houses (for example: in Alblasserdam NL)

    Another recent project is the placement of sound-damping elements by Van Campen Bayards made of aluminum construction profiles for railway route Almere-Lelystad. The transparent laminated glass ensures that nature remains to be seen, while not losing the absorbent screen soundproof operation. Annoying noise could be prevented, because the screens placed were completely prefabricated.

    Sound barrier versus sound barrier

    Besides modular noise barriers, there are also noise-protection dams. However, they certainly are not synonymous, although the terms are undoubtedly occasionally confused. A noise-protection dam is comparable to a dike against the water, and is formed with earth. Such a base body therefore has little to do with the aluminum screens that are manufactured Van Campen Bayards.

    A dam is also taking up more space and sound rays bend almost smoothly over the top of the dam. On top of a noise-protection dam, however, a modular noise barrier can be placed, so sound hardly can get across the slope.

    The only similarity that the aluminum noise barriers and noise-protection dams have, is that they reduce noise pollution. Van Campen Bayards is an expert in the manufacture of modular noise barriers, where the possibilities are endless, both aesthetically and in terms of functionality. We have made sustainability our top priority and that we work with the lightweight and flexible aluminum design, makes technically a lot possible. Contact us today and hopefully we will see each other soon.