In addition to the business units: facade, noise barriers and bridges Van Campen Bayards serves many different markets and sectors with its machinery. Among others, computer-controlled bending , 5-axis milling and sawing (large) plastic products belong to our capabilities. A well thought-out design is of paramount importance for the profile which is to be edited. Van Campen can be of service with this. Every follow-up action for the achievement of a final product belongs to our possibilities.

  • For the adaptation and bending of aluminum, van Campen Bayards B.V. is the right place to be. A system is usually complicated. It is often tailor-made and parts are used in aluminum siding.
    The material can be generally easier machined than steel because it is much softer. In the machining of aluminum with respect to steel with a similar strength, about 2 to 3 times less power is required. Tools for editing aluminium in this way, have another geometry than that of steel. The tool should be sharper and the rake angle much greater.

    Aluminum facade cladding

    Aluminum curves are often used for cladding or other products, for which bending the material a must. This is a very complicated process in which risks are involved. Van Campen Bayards B.V. has this well mapped.
    When a coating is used, it must have low frictional properties. Editing aluminum can be applied to machined and non-machined applications.

    Aluminum tailored system

    Aluminum bending and customized machining may be related to extruded profiles. But also customized aluminium (for eg. cladding) is applicable to sheet materials, where our company also has built up considerable expertise.

  • Van Campen Bayards B.V. is an expert in aluminum milling. We can accommodate you in all your machining of materials and profiles. We do CNC machining with advanced machines 5-axis milling. If necessary, even on a machine which can do 3-axis milling.

    7.1 Alu constr nr 1

    Long, large and aluminum CNC milling

    Our company can be long and large aluminum milling, respectively, to approximately 8 m. length and 2200 mm. width. The aluminum milling cutter working at very high speeds up to 28,000 RPM achievable. The CNC milling can take place, for exampele, on our portal machining center with a range of:
    X = 7000 mm. and X = 8250 mm.
    Y = 2200 mm. and Y = 600 mm.
    Z = 1000 mm. and Z = 300 mm.

    The support plate is divisible in the X-motion, of which each bed is 3500 mm. long. This allows rapid production because there is always a bed free for the mounting of the next batch of materials. With one fixture 32 operations are possible, including cutting with a 500 mm blade. All operations, also aluminum milling are computer controlled and very accurate, because the system is equipped with a radio wave probe that guarantees the smallest tolerances.

    Objective advice from a competent partner

    Van Campen Bayards is able to do more than just the milling of aluminum. With the Service Center, a professional centipede, Van Campen Bayards B.V. conforms to each technical need and wish of their clients. Based on detailed knowledge of materials and processes Van Campen Bayards can advise you objectively on both the most efficient engineering and the best final product.

    Specific tolerances? Avoiding burrs? Smooth powder coating? Aluminum milling? Leave it in Van Campen Bayards' capable hands. The designs and control codes of the machine are generated from the drawings into machine codes. The necessary 3D designs and drawings are made in Top Solid, which are then read into the CAM system, which writes the language of the machine and has the necessary operations. Van Campen Bayards, your partner in aluminum operations.