Architecture and facades

Van Campen Bayards B.V. specializes in the design, supply and (pre) fabrication of aluminum (arched) facade elements, windows and doors. New facade systems are developed internally and always meet the requirements in consultation with the client.

At Van Campen Bayards we distinguish two variants facades. The open cladding such as is used in, for example, car parks and the closed wall cladding which is wind and waterproof.

Van Campen Bayards uses the VMRG quality requirements, the relevant standards, produces according SKG (Stichting Kwaliteit Gevelelementen) and is KOMO certified.

  • Van Campen Bayards is specialized in both the design and the (pre) fabrication of aluminum facades. Every detail of the facade must meet the requirements in accordance with the VMRG regulations related to the BRL2701. The products are tested by the SKG (Stichting Kwaliteit Gevelelementen), where our company is also certified. Van Campen Bayards is an expert in aluminum facades. Our specialists can consult with you to design the perfect aluminum facade, manufacture and provide installation!

    Round and curved aluminum facades

    Van Campen Bayards concentrates on round curved facades and aluminium cladding. These structures usually consist of curved curtain walls or system profiles. The bending of the curtain walls and other aluminum profiles is a highly specialized operation. After all, shape retention is of great importance if the construction is to comply to wind and watertightness.

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    The custom-made aluminum panels

    The custom-made aluminum panels and other cladding are also used in parking garages. Installation of aluminum siding is very quick in practice because Van Campen Bayards measures virtually everything in on the project and the final product is delivered completely prefabricated. The applied aluminum facade profiles can be bent or twisted into any shape. We also supply sound-absorbing aluminum cladding with which traffic noise can be prevented.

    Because Van Campen Bayards works solely custom-made, the design and production phases will be conducted in consultation with you. In addition, the possibilities are virtually endless, which explains why our customized approach is increasingly being preferred over the standardized production of aluminum. That does not mean that Van Campen Bayards does start each project from scratch. Thanks to the extensive expertise that the company has built up over the years, no question is too complex for us.

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    Aluminum facade design and assembly

    Aluminium facades are being chosen in more and more projects . The material makes unique shaping possible that is hard to match with steel. Van Campen can produce customized designs cost-effectively and provide façade installation. Naturally, our experts will be happy to meet with to complete your facade design.

    Van Campen Bayards strives for perfection. Not only because we know you will not settle for less, but because we love our profession. Allow Van Campen Bayards to be your partner in facade design, production and assembly. Together we can achieve a unique eye-catching designs!

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  • The manufacture of aluminum windows, doors and arched windows in curved shapes is a Van Campen Bayards speciality. Bending a system profile of this material in a specific radius is also specialized work.

    Shape retention of such a profile is a requisite. However, fabricating a completely prefabricated curved façade element is a profession. Aluminum windows meet all quality criteria as set out in the Building Act and in accordance with the rules VMRG. Wind and water resistance and structural aspects are important ingredients here.

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    There are many other applications in addition to aluminum windows. Think of straight, round or curved exit doors, sliding doors and aluminum frames. For each of these products engineering is required; for the product itself and especially for the processing of these products in the building.

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    Wood vs. aluminum doors and windows

    A building consists of walls with a cavity, also called the inner and outer layer. A curved aluminum structure has to be incorporated in this. Van Campen Bayards B.V. is a specialist in this area and can assist you. With respect to other materials, such as circular wooden windows, arched wooden doors, arched wooden windows and curved steel frames, the question applies: wood windows versus aluminum windows? This is easy to answer.

    The use of aluminum facades and profiles gives an unprecedented series of options in order to achieve a good product. In addition, the durability and corrosion resistance of aluminum plays a major role, in which the best performance will be achieved. Also, aluminum is available in wood designs.


  • Aluminum construction provides unprecedented opportunities

    An aluminum structure can be applied in every conceivable product and almost all market segments use it. Think of transportation (bicycles, trains, ships and spacecraft), building construction (windows, doors), noise barriers and aluminum (bicycle/pedestrian) bridge roads and platforms.

    Other examples of aluminum structures are:

    camping equipment (folding chairs, pots, poles, etc.)
    • industry for trucks-trailers
    • roofs and façade cladding
    • construction (scaffolding and ladders)
    • shipbuilding
    • anode on a steel submarine in order to reduce corrosion of the steel
    • light and sound industry (making structures)
    • furniture (cupboards, sofas, tables, chairs and beds)
    • greenhouse structures (cover and front)

    A very great advantage of an aluminum construction, is the freedom of shape of a desired profile, often where many integrated facilities are desired. Here we can think of the connection technique, water management, etc.

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    Corrosion resistant aluminum construction

    Corrosion is an important motive to apply an aluminum construction. In contrast to steel, wherein the oxide skin is porous, and does not match the expansion coefficient with the base metal, the oxide skin of aluminum is very dense. As a result, the underlying metal is protected from further degradation, depending on parameters such as the environment and applied alloy.

    3.2 Alu constr nr 4

    Above you see an example of applied aluminum structures for solar panels.

    Connections in the design

    Depending on the requirements which are made to the attachment, aluminum in a construction can be connected in different ways. The designer needs to know whether the product should still be removable, or that the product is able to be connected by means of fixed connections. Compounds can be divided into a number of groups, namely: detachable seals, limited detachable connections and solid connections.
    Some reasons why people may choose for detachable connections (click functions) are:

    • lighter construction, integration of parts
    • to connect large surfaces to each other
    • combination of connecting and sealing function (such as rubbers etc.)
    • shorter lead times and lower assembly costs

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    Constructie aluminium

     Van Campen Bayards is a specialist in the field of aluminum constructions. This family business has been known to apply this specialism for decades in a variety of sectors, from automotive to the medical industry in domestic and increasingly abroad. In addition to aluminum constructions, Van Campen Bayards is capable of practically carrying out all conceivable machining and non-machining operations. Milling and drilling to pressing and punching; Van Campen Bayards has, as a specialist, all modern machines in-house in order to perform these operations. As you can see, Van Campen Bayards is an allround specialist when it comes to aluminum construction. Based on your design, we are able to customize products. We also have our own aluminium engineers who just like to think along with you, so that only the best results are achieved. Additionally, Van Campen Bayards goes to work extremely cost effectively and strives to perfection at all times.

     Designing with aluminum profiles

    A design consisting of aluminum profiles is lucrative for several reasons. First, an aluminum construction provides a favorable ratio between strength and weight. The total weight is low, while there is an almost unlimited freedom of design with profiles. The functions can be combined in the profile, whereby fewer mechanical operations are required. In this way, energy-saving constructions are possible.

    Van Campen Bayards can, as a partner, deliver considerable added value to your project. We are specialist with all the requirements and standards known and engineers who are able to think along at a high level. They will take great pleasure to sit around the table with you and are only satisfied with the best. Just like you.

    Give preference to aluminum structures

    Aluminium has already proven itself as a structural material in various branches. However, it is with respect to steel, not the most popular construction metal. This while the application possibilities are endless and aluminum compared to steel has many advantages, such as corrosion resistance and the light-weight character in combination with the strength. The material can be excellently edited, making special aluminum structures possible that are not possible with steel.

    (Non-) machining operations

    Aluminum can undergo machining and non-machining operations. The machining operations at Van Campen Bayards are aimed to get machined parts from the material. These operations such as (draft) milling, tapping and sawing create so-called chips / shavings. Such mass loss does not occur in non-machining an aluminum construction, in which Van Campen Bayards is also an expert. Among the possibilities our machines offer are rolling, pressing, deep drawing, punching, laser cutting and welding.

    Van Campen Bayards does more than just the manufacturing of profiles. Van Campen Bayards is a supplier of customized finished products and semi-finished products. Our engineers like to think along with the client and specialize in producing on demand and respond to specific questions on an aluminum structure. The material we obtain is certified and therefore complies with the highest standards of quality.

    European Aluminium Award for "pipe organ"

    That Van Campen Bayards an ambitious company is and that it is certainly not fazed by challenging projects, should at this point be clear. This is why Van Campen Bayards won a prestigious European Aluminum Award with the project "Sound of Silence", a noise barrier shaped as a pipe organ. It is Europe's largest high-tech screen and aluminum artwork and is an absolute eye-catcher.

    This particular vertically mounted aluminum construction along the A2, designed by bureau VHP and manufactured by Van Campen Bayards, makes for a unique sound absorption of 20 percent. This was the reason for the jury of the European Aluminium Award to crown the project with the winning prize in the category of Consumer Products + Design in 2010.

    Your design - our next project?

    For the development and manufacture of custom aluminum construction, including profiles and sheet metal, you need to be with an expert such as Van Campen Bayards. Our engineers are specialized in drawing and calculating on the basis of the objectives of our customers and taking advantage of advanced 3D drawing and simulation programs. A good start is half the work done and, in the case of computerized operations, actually all the work.

    As a partner, Van Campen Bayards can deliberate with you through all stages of production and advise you on the possibilities (and impossibilities possible) within your project.

    Wondering what our engineers can do for you? Contact us today for a free consultation and perhaps we will soon meet each other.