SKG/KOMO BRL2701 certificated

This certificate for product certification with attestation is issued on the basis of BRL 2701: 15-04-2016 in accordance with the Regulations attestation, certification and inspection of SKG-IKOB for: aluminium facade elements for use as facade filling in exterior partition structures.

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ISO 9001

Lloyd's ISO 9001:2015 based on manufacture of Noise Barriers, curved aluminium contructions and products and bending of technical profiles

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EN 1090-1

Certificate of conformity of production control in the factory EN 1090-1 issued by TÜV Netherlands, Notified Body 1231

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Guidelines noise reducing structures along roads - GCW-2012

CE 14388

Noise barriers CE 14388 and confirmed by an assessment Notified Body. This norm is obligated by the law of the European Union (attestation of confirmity level 3);in accordance with GCW 2012 standards

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