About Van Campen

The creative, innovative family company Van Campen Bayards was founded in 1982 and has developed a broad knowledge-supporting organization.

The company provides various products and construction related industries to different audiences. Van Campen Bayards has the knowledge and skills to relieve you completely. Whether Van Campen Bayards is deliberating with an architect to realize an idea or fill a market demand to develop a new product, it is picked up with enthusiasm.

Van Campen Bayards is in terms of production equipment, in particular, specialized in the machining and assembly of complete aluminum systems, but also the tooling of plastic belongs to the possibilities. In combination with the wide knowledge of materials, production and problem solving skills of a motivated team of employees, resulting in groundbreaking capabilities. The organization is always up to date and in possession of the latest standards.

Van Campen Bayards is not merely a supplier but your collaborative partner and would love to receive you in its showroom in Lelystad.